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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process involving the creation, generation, design, revision, construction and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places, buildings and general infrastructure throughout the planned lifespan of a project.

The Model itself is created within a CAD design program that various interested parties are able to access.

Building Information Models (BIMs) are files containing data which can be incorporated into the model and as such can be viewed, exchanged, network or revised in one place. A BIM object is a combination of many things:

  • Information content that defines a product
  • Product properties, such as thermal performance
  • Geometry representing the product’s physical characteristics
  • Visualisation data giving the object a recognisable appearance
  • Functional data, such as detection zones, that enables the object to be positioned and behave in the same manner as the product itself

As only the one Model exists, all interested parties can view the Model and all of them will see the same information, at the same time, but being able to concentrate on the section of the model that is specifically relevant to them. This is crucial, especially if there are any changes made to the Model that could affect how various components relate to each other.

Notification of any changes to the various parts (or BIMs) means that all interested parties would be advised in “Real Time” rather than having to wait for a new set of drawings to be made on a conventional CAD system and then issued to the concerned parties.


HERZ have collaborated with BIMStore, a UK based company, who are recognised as one of the prominent authorities within the BIM industry for both model design and model hosting with a background in BIM that exceeds 16 years in the field.

The target was to produce a model range that was not only in an industry recognised format but also in a format to allow integration with as many as possible of the CAD programs that are available and used within the UK & worldwide

The decision was made to produce HERZ BIMs in the Revit format used by AutoCAD/AutoDesk

As they are in Revit format (rfa) they are also useable within Bentley, Magicad, Lumion, Artlantis, IES, Mitek & Aconex (for example) using each companies specifically designed Revit “plugin”

In order to ensure compatibility and integration with other cad programs the HERZ BIMS are also produced in IFC, the industry’s free & open translation program.