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 Herz Heat Interface Units

The Herz Heat Interface Units (HIU) are suitable for all community heating schemes and enables LTHW from a central plant to provide heating and DHWS to each dwelling with complete hydraulic separation between the LTHW primary and secondary heating and DHWS systems.

The HIU is a complete package comprising of all components mounted on a frame, factory assembled and tested.

All Herz HIUs incorporate a first Fix rail with isolation ball valves to allow shell and core pipework to be completed without the HIU being fitted, this also aids maintenance once the HIU is installed. First fix rail ball valves are fitted with drain valves to facilitate draining with integral test points fitted on the primary and secondary heating circuits on most units.

Herz offer 2 HIUs incorporating two heat exchangers for domestic hot water  and space heating, the Guildford and Dublin models. Both of these HIUs incorporate a Pressure temperature control valve which allows the DHW heat exchanger to operate on demand only and gives the DHW 100% priority over the space heating.

When the hot water demand ceases the pressure temperature control valve will immediately stop the primary flow into the heat exchanger. Therefore there is no drain on the primary heating when there is no demand, so no “extra energy usage” when residents are on holiday for example.

Herz also offer an HIU with a single heat exchanger supplying heating. The Ecosse model has been specifically deigned for projects with existing water cylinders or alternative hot water storage or supply methods. This HIU can be easily configured into an "S" Plan system.


  Herz Guildford HIU

 Herz Dublin HIU

 Herz Ecosse HIU


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