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 Herz Connect-4 Ref 4500.

Herz standard Connect-4 has been designed to give a simple connection
to fan-coils, or other terminal units, and utilises various different balancing/control valves depending on the version

 with Herz extended lever ball valves and a Herz 4111 strainer.

The unit allows regulating, flushing and isolating operations to be undertaken.

The Connect-4 is fitted with extended handles and test points to allow for lagging after installation.

Flow measurement can be acheived to a minimum accuracy of ± 5%.

The drain cock fitted to the strainer allows flushing without the need to remove the strainer basket.

Benefits to Designers:
Known envelope dimensions
Minimal design involvement
Reduced specification errors
Known performance characteristics

Benefits to Contractors:
Reduction in on-site labour, time and cost
Fast connection (only four connections are required)
Reduces need for pre-fabrication area
Reduction of purchase orders (line items)
Reduced possibility of incorrect installation

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